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“The Bend in the River,” especially loved by Frederic Church 
photo by Annik LaFarge, 2015

I’m currently at work on a book for Simon & Schuster about 19th century composer Frédéric Chopin, using the story of when, how and where he wrote his second piano sonata, Op. 35, as a way of exploring his life and work. Research is taking me in many directions, from the island of Majorca to a world-class collection of historic pianos in a small town in Massachusetts to the Morgan Library in New York; and interviews with classical and jazz pianists, video game developers, film makers, musicologists, and more. Thanks to Piotr Micherewicz for permission to use his illustration of Chopin, created for a Warsaw poster in 2009.


Since August 2009 I’ve been writing about and photographing the High Line park in New York City, as well as other urban greenway projects around the world, on the blog LivinTheHighLine.com. My book On the High Line:Exploring America’s
Most Original Park
, is now in a second, fully updated edition.  For more about each, go here.


After 25 years in the book publishing  business I started a small consultancy, Title TK Projects,
to do editing and collaboration on non-fiction book projects. For an editorial bio, please go here.
To speak with me about an editing project, use the email form here.


To read my father W.E.R’s poetry, go here, and check back periodically if you’re interested — bringing his work online is an ongoing process.


I’m a serious amateur photographer and my pictures have appeared in numerous publications and have been licensed for commercial use. There are hundreds on my blog, including dozens of aerial and rooftop shots. To contact me about licensing a photograph please use the contact form. 

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And go here here for a photo tribute to my late mother, Ann B. LaFarge: teacher, editor, author, animal-lover, friend.

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